For customers that wish to maintain the natural appearance of their hardwood floors, Bona offers three different floor finish systems that have a unique feel and preserve the true natural look of hardwood floors.

The Bona Sealer and Finish System: A system with endless possibilities. Putting truly great products together creates unbeatable floor protection, and a world of new options for craftsmen and homeowners.

Waterborne Sealers – On any floor – home, office or heavy commercial – together Bona Sealers and Finishes produce the best floor protection available. It adds the freedom of combining different colorations and durabilities.

Craft Oil Finishes – Professional wood oil with excellent saturation properties offering deep protection against wear, chemicals and moisture.

Due to its high oil content and outstanding penetration properties only a single application is typically required making surface treatment a simple and fast job. Equally suitable in homes as in public environments. Safe for application on children’s toys,


Bona Sales Brochure – Naturale Sealers 2020Download

Bona Sales Brochure – Craft Oil 2k 2020Download


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