Hardwood flooring was originally used because it had to last a lifetime, but over time it requires refinishing. Allow our experts at Nelson Hardwood Flooring to help you preserve and maintain your wood floors.

  • Refinishing & Restoration
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


We intall hardwood floors

Refinishing & Restoration

We used a advanced vacuum system & other new technologies to leave your project area dust free.

Finishes & Sealers


For customers that wish to maintain the natural appearance of their hardwood floors, Bona offers three different floor finish systems that have a unique feel and preserve the true natural look of hardwood floors.More About Bona Products


LOBA works great for parquet and hardwood floors. Benefit from what Loba has gained over more than 90 years finish, oil and wax, as well as professional cleaning and care products. More About Loba Products

Hardwood Restoration



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